BCL SPA SPA52706 Bcl水疗按摩霜国语+芒果


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  1. 品牌:BCL SPA
使用Bio Creative Labs的按摩霜深层滋润皮肤。它非常适合作为保湿剂或按摩剂。它由经过认证的有机成分制成,例如摩洛哥的摩洛哥坚果油,橄榄油,海带提取物和柠檬果提取物。这是BCL四步系统的最后一步。BCL的保养和治疗系列专为缓解紧张,保湿,滋润,净化皮肤,促进青春焕发,镇定和舒缓,清洁身体并增强感官而量身定制。使用世界上最珍贵的精油和天然提取物,并与来自摩洛哥的Bio Creative Labs稀有的,可持续的,异国情调的Argan油混合,可在水疗中心或家庭中提供安全,清新的体验。
Get deeply moisturized skin with the Massage Cream from Bio Creative Labs. It is great as a hydrator or massage medium. It is formulated with certified organic ingredients like Argan Oil from Morocco, Olive Oil, Kelp Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract. It is the last step in BCL's 4-Step System. BCL's maintenance and treatment lines are tailored specifically to relieve tension, hydrate, moisturize, purify the skin, promote a youthful glow, calm and soothe, cleanse the body and invigorate the senses. Using the world's most precious essential oils and natural extracts, blended with the rare, sustainable, and exotic Argan oil from Morocco Bio Creative Labs create a safe and refreshing experience in the spa or at home.